Hello, my name is Katelyn Judson. I am the metalsmith and founder of Inverness and Crane. 


 I create only to spark joy! Both in spirit, and through physical pieces. Thank you for allowing me to do so


 Inverness and Crane is a forever extension of my heart, first child of mine, and passion project that I started in 2009. I was 21 and living in Santa Rosa, California. The name is inspired by two cross streets in Wine Country that I often drove just to unwind and collect my thoughts. I enjoyed staying creative with all types of mediums. Naturally, I found myself in an over abundance of my creations. So I exercised my entrepreneurial drive by selling them to local gift boutiques. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the process behind metalwork jewelry. It was then when knew I wanted to expand my techniques. My young entrepreneurial drive and curiosity for creation, ultimately lead me to the exploration in jewelry design.


4 years and 300 miles later, I was apprenticing a fine jeweler in San Luis Obispo. I was taught old school metal-smithing techniques that continued to shape my design processes ever since. 

2 years after working for the fine jeweler, I decided to relaunch my first born love, Inverness and Crane. 

A few years and couple hundred miles south, in sunny San Diego, I now bring to you ~ a collection of metalwork jewelry. Made from the heart, with great intent. Somewhere between rustic and refined. Created for one-of -a-kind souls. 

Enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY!

Katelyn Judson, Designer & Founder